Nero d'Avola / Calabrese wine grape

Nero d'Avola / Calabrese
The most important black grape variety in Sicily.  Its name means “Black of Avola” which refers to both its deep colour and to the town of Avola on Sicily’s south-east coast where it is presumed to have originated.  However, its main other name - even in Sicily - is Calabrese, which literally means “of Calabria” implying it comes from the forefoot of Italy’s boot.  But there’s very little grown there, and it seems likely that Calabrese is a corruption of Calaurisi, an ancient word for a person from Avola.
Its wines are intensely fruity, typically with flavours of blackberry, black plum and black cherry, although high altitude examples can show more red fruit character.  These are combined with a distinctly floral nose, often with peppery spice and dried herbs.  Apart from the floral nose, it most closely resembles Syrah/Shiraz, with high tannin levels and a sweet fruit and spice character.

Decanting Club wines containing: Nero d'Avola / Calabrese

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