Vermentino wine grape

A variety with a lot of different names, increasingly fashionable Vermentino is an Italian grape found from the north in Piemonte (Piedmont), where it’s called Favorita, to the south in Sicily.  The most notable examples come from Liguria (where they call it Pigato) and from Sardinia, where it is the main white grape and where it probably originated.
It’s also the dominant white grape in Corsica and is increasingly grown in southern France’s Languedoc region, where it is known as Rolle.  There’s actually more of it in France than in its native Italy, though in the Languedoc it’s usually blended.  Recently it has developed a following in Australia and California.
Vermentino retains its acidity even in hot climates, producing wines that are crisp, citrusy and usually unoaked, with flavours of lime, green apple and grapefruit.  It’s a vigorous variety that is best grown on less fertile soils to control its yields.
Its pale skins contain a high level of phenols, giving the wines a mineral complexity and often a touch of “green almond” bitterness on the finish.

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