Corvina wine grape

The classic blend for Valpolicella in all its forms, including Amarone, Recioto and Ripasso is Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.  All three varieties are native to the Veneto: the region of northeast Italy around Venice and Verona that is home to Valpolicella.
Corvina is the best grape of Valpolicella, and must be the largest component of the blend.  Curiously it cannot comprise more than 80%, forcing varietal Corvina wines to be declassified to IGT Veneto.  It has moderate tannin levels, good acidity and exuberant red fruit flavours, especially sour cherries, allied to herbal scents and often a note of bitter almonds.  It’s medium-bodied, producing really light-bodied wines only when yields are high.  Its thick skins are not deeply coloured, yielding wine that’s an appealing crimson but not very dark.

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