Furmint wine grape

Hungary’s greatest native white grape, Furmint is the main variety used to make that country’s legendary dessert wine, Tokaji.  Like most of the world’s greatest sweet wines, Tokaji is produced from grapes affected by noble rot, and Furmint’s thin skins and loose bunches make it particularly susceptible to the magical mould.  Its late ripening and naturally high acidity provide the flavour and freshness to balance the intense sweetness.
Only recently has it been used to make dry wines, but these are fast developing a following.  With aromas of smoke and lime, flavours of apricot, quince and pear, and always with zingy acidity, it manages to combine the richness and oak-friendliness of Chardonnay with the aromatic appeal of Sauvignon Blanc and the steely minerality of Riesling.

Decanting Club wines containing: Furmint

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