Stellenbosch wine region

One of the most famous wine regions in South Africa is named after the second oldest town in South Africa, which lies at its heart.

Stellenbosch is surrounded by a glorious amphitheatre of mountains. Vineyards can be found both on the valley floor and on the sides of the valleys. The soils move from sandstone to granite as the land gets higher, although the best wines are generally thought to come from the area surrounding the town.

The further north you travel in Stellenbosch, the warmer the climate gets (because you’re heading inland) but the whole of Stellenbosch is nevertheless blessed with great grape growing conditions. Chenin Blanc was historically the wine of note here and some excellent examples are still produced, but today the region is dominated by red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot, although good Chardonnay and even Sauvignon Blanc can be achieved here in the right locations.

Decanting Club wines from: Stellenbosch

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