Chablis wine region

The appeal of Chablis goes way beyond it being a timeless classic. Chablis is a wine style and a wine region that has something to suit everyone.

France’s northernmost winemaking region is equidistant from Paris and Beaune, the winemaking heart of Burgundy. While Chablis is officially part of Burgundy, it also has an identity all of its own.

With four appellations under the Chablis name: Petit Chablis (generally grown at the top of the hills), Chablis (the largest appellation), Chablis Premier Cru (seventeen crus exposed to the south and south west) and Chablis Grand Cru (one of seven vineyard sites), the vineyards are mapped out according to one of these four stages in the hierarchy.

The vineyard area has grown significantly in the last 50 years as the region ensures it keeps up with worldwide demand and it now has as much as 5,000 hectares planted. But no matter where the vineyards are placed, you can bet your life it will be planted with Chardonnay.

Although everything in Chablis is crafted from this one grape variety, Chablis wines manage to cover an incredible array of flavours from cool and crisp citrus to heady, smoky characters. There’s always a debate over how and when (and indeed whether) oak is used in the region. As a very general rule, the higher you move up the quality hierarchy, the greater the chance that oak has been used.  

Decanting Club wines from: Chablis

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