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Rare Vineyards, Marsanne-Viognier

Rare Vineyards, Marsanne-Viognier

A dry white from the sunny Med

This exciting white wine is from near the South-East coast of France and is made from a blend of grapes not native to the region.
It's a dry white, but full-bodied. Get some seafood in for this one, and make something rich and creamy. Or if you just want a nibble, something like salted almonds would be perfect.
This wine should be put in the fridge when it first arrives but, in order to really enjoy it to the full, we suggest you take it out about ten minutes before drinking.

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I suggest this wine should be served reasonably well chilled - about 9°C - a few degrees above fridge temperature.
It will suit not-too-delicate fish and seafood dishes, especially with creamy or buttery sauces. Try with a fish pie, or clam chowder. Even salted or smoked fish should be fine. Lighter meats like chicken and ham should also suit, especially in salads.
Northern Rhône-style whites have a particular affinity with legumes, especially peas and broad beans: so maybe try with a pea soup. Roast root vegetable dishes or roast butternut squash will also work well.
I'd be tempted to serve this with a roast-vegetable pasta dish (no tomatoes) or a similar risotto.

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AppellationPays d'Oc

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