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Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection, Chenin Blanc

Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection, Chenin Blanc

A barrel-fermented Chenin Blanc from old bush vines

Although a Chenin Blanc from South Africa is hardly new or surprising, we think you'll love this one; it's use of old vines makes for some big flavours. Plus, Stellenbosch is one of our favourite wine-making regions in the world!
Pork with apple - either roast or maybe a nice chop and/or roast vegetables will really set this wine off.
The pouch should be put in the fridge when it first arrives but, in order to really enjoy it to the full, we suggest you take it out about ten minutes before drinking.

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Don't serve this too cold: 11°C or 12°C would be ideal. Your Decanting Club pouch will warm up much quicker than a bottle, so ten minutes out of the fridge should do it. You can always warm the glass in your hand if the nose seems subdued.
The big flavours and high acidity of this wine allow it to stand up to richly-flavoured foods. Creamy sauces are an obvious match - try it with fish pie or chicken in a cream and mushroom sauce. Roast pork (especially with apple sauce) and roast root vegetable dishes will work well. It's also a great match for the sweet and sour flavours found in south-east Asian cuisine. Avoid delicately-flavoured dishes, like fish and seafood without rich sauces, as the wine may overpower the dish.

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