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Tenuta di Fessina, 'Erse' Etna Rosso

Tenuta di Fessina, 'Erse' Etna Rosso

A "morning wine" but you can taste it any time you like!

Pale red and delicious, this week's wine is made from a blend of obscure but amazing Sicilian grapes.
It's dry and delicate and absolutely needs to be tasted with food. A simple Italian tomato-pasta dish would work - with a generous helping of parmesan.

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Despite its pale colour and medium body, I would serve this wine only a little cooler than a full-bodied red, at around 17°C, so as not to subdue the aromas.
Some wines suit food; this one needs them. The high acidity and tannic structure are begging to be softened by food. However, this isn't a heavyweight wine and much of the pleasure it gives is from its aromatic complexity.
So stick to medium-weight dishes (poultry, pork, pasta, risotto), and don't pair it with anything too pungent that might interfere with your enjoyment of the nose. Appropriately for a "morning wine", it's better suited to lunch than dinner.
Don't be afraid of fatty/oily or sharp foods, however. The high acidity will cut pleasingly through the former and match the latter. Tomatoey pasta dishes with plenty of olive oil would work well, especially if they feature porcini and/or parmesan (traditionally the partners for Nebbiolo wines like Barbaresco and Barolo, which share many qualities with this one).

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AppellationEtna Rosso
Nerello Mascalese
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Tenuta di Fessina
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