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Jamsheed, Le Blanc Plonk

Jamsheed, Le Blanc Plonk

A Riesling that rewrites the rulebook

Ticks all the boxes of what you MUST NOT DO with Riesling grapes and yet ends up absolutely delicious.
It's an off-dry white, with a pungent aroma. Oriental food will be perfect so have the evening off and order in, or go the extra mile and make something spicy yourself.
The pouch should be put in the fridge when it first arrives and only removed when you are ready to open and taste it.

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Available at £15.77 per bottle


Serve cold, straight from the fridge.
Oriental food, here we come! This even smells like a Thai green curry, with its kaffir lime and ginger nose. I couldn't imagine a better match for one. But it's also crying out for prawns, especially in an Asian-style, sweet & spicy sauce.

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AppellationUpper Goulburn and Grampians

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