Dão wine region

Named for the river that runs through it, Dão occupies the high plateau of the Beira Alta.  It lies to the south of the Douro (home of port) but is cooler and less arid, thanks to its altitude and to the mountain ranges that surround it on three sides.  These isolate it from the extreme continental climate of the Iberian interior and catch reasonable rainfall.
That rain is largely confined to the winter months, however. Summers are dry, with hot days and cool nights.  Along with the sandy granitic soils, these conditions preserve fresh acidity in the wines.  If the Douro is Portugal’s Bordeaux or Northern Rhône, Dão is its Burgundy.
Despite that, its wines are still overwhelmingly red.  Only 20% of the production is white, based on the local Encruzado grape.

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