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Bender Wine
Born in the small town of Leiwen on the Mosel, Andreas Bender knew from a young age he wanted to make wine. He was taken to work by his father Louis, a vine grafter, and this influence inspired him to make his first wine, aged thirteen, in his family home.
He studied oenology at Geisenheim, and worked for different wineries in Germany, France, Italy and America before returning home to Leiwen and starting his own one-man winery in 2008.
Still in his mid-thirties, his colleagues refer to him as the Maverick of the Mosel. Instead of making and bottling separate single-vineyard wines from his 10 hectares scattered across 60 plots around the Mosel and Ruwer, he blends them together and makes different styles. “The location is not a brand,” he says, and instead labels his blends with his own brand names.
The dry Paulessen and sweet, late-harvest Hofpäsch are named after his family’s 17th century house and farm in Leiwen. Dajoar means “as before” in the local dialect, referring both to its traditional off-dry style and to the resolutely old-school production methods he favours. “I make the wine the way it was made here on the Mosel 50 years ago. As it grows in the vineyard, so it comes to me in the bottle.”
He also produces wines from vineyards in the Pfalz. These are mostly red and include a Merlot and, almost uniquely for Germany, a Cabernet Sauvignon as well as the more usual Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). In years when the Cabernet doesn’t ripen sufficiently he lets it hang on the vine into the winter and makes an eiswein from it!

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