Welcome to our wines
This, our first blog, is to explain a little bit about the philosophy behind how we choose our wines for your tasting pleasure.
Decanting Club sources wines that are not easily found in supermarkets and off-licenses. This means they are often small-batch volumes of wine, sourced from producers championing their local regions and grapes rather than chasing international styles in search of easy sales.
We're after the more exclusive wines, especially those made from unusual (and/or local) grape varieties in less-famous regions by smaller producers. We want to challenge your preconceptions of what you do and don’t like in a glass of wine. Grapes you may have thought unpleasant can be totally transformed with different production techniques or if they are grown in a different climate.
By its nature, delivering wine a glass at a time means that all the wines see some air in the decanting process before being posted out. This is often a benefit, softening rough edges on vigorous young wines and removing reductive smells, but it wouldn't suit anything too old or delicate. And sadly anything with bubbles is out of the question!
We are very price-sensitive on the wines we purchase and resell. We believe that there is a wide range of excellent wines around the £10-15 a bottle mark, if you know what you are looking for. A lot of wines more expensive than that are often just trading on their name (or looking to establish a name). Much under that and the quality of the wine drops off significantly as all the money is going to the middle-men and not the winemakers.
In summary, we think we know what we're looking for - but we'll only know for sure if we hear back from our club members about what they like and what they don't. From that we'll learn over time and adjust accordingly.
Hopefully we'll all enjoy tasting some fabulous wines along the way.....


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