Mixed cases
We are pleased to announce a new service on Decanting Club that allows you to build up mixed cases of your favourite wines over time.
We appreciate that the postal price for single bottles is quite high, and equally that you may not want to purchase a full case (6 bottles) of a particular wine.
So now, if you click "ADD TO YOUR CASE" when viewing a wine on the Decanting Club website, it will automatically add a bottle of that wine your mixed case.
You can view what's in your mixed case at any time by clicking the "Profile" link in the top menu bar.
Once your case is full with 6 bottles, we will contact you for a single payment and we will send the wines out to you.
You are not restricted to the current week's wine. By clicking "Wine list" in the menu bar you can explore all of the wines we've had before on Decanting Club. Each page has the same buttons and you can add that wine to your case, assuming we can still source it from our suppliers.
We hope this will allow you to enjoy more of the wine you have sampled through your Decanting Club subscription. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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