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Cantina del Giogantinu, Vermentino di Gallura Superiore

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Cantina del Giogantinu, Vermentino di Gallura Superiore

A seafood special from windswept Sardinia

This crisp and characterful white is made from Sardinia’s secret weapon - the Vermentino grape - and combines delicate aromas with surprising palate power.

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This has some similarities to a Chablis in that it’s not very aromatic but has a full-bodied and concentrated palate. And like a Chablis, it shouldn’t be served too cold - 11°C to 12°C. It also improved with air, so I would pour it straight from the fridge into a glass, then leave the glass to warm for fifteen minutes.
This is very much a food wine rather than an aperitif. It’s crying out for a fish stew, or similar bold Italian flavours. Mediterranean-style salads would suit, and so would seafood risotto or paella. In fact this wine pairs well with most dishes: the subtle aromatics won’t clash with anything, while the crisp acidity and palate weight allow it to stand up to strongly-flavoured food. For real authenticity, try it with the local Sardinian speciality Linguine all’Aragosta (lobster pasta).

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AppellationVermentino di Gallura Superiore
Cantina del Giogantinu
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