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Atamisque Serbal, Cabernet Franc

Atamisque Serbal, Cabernet Franc

Flying solo - a red with altitude

From some of the highest vineyards on earth comes this Argentinian red with a French accent. This is a rare opportunity to taste a pure Cabernet Franc: unblended, unoaked, and unexpected this far from its home.
Serve this youthful red at a cool room temperature - around 17°C - and give it a bit of air in the glass before tasting.
This wine loves herbs. Pair with herby roasts, stuffed red peppers, or stews based around well-herbed tomato sauces. A great wine for barbeques or a good chilli.

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Such a youthful wine will benefit from decanting to aerate it and allow the flavours to develop. Its unoaked, fruit-led character suits a slightly cooler serving temperature than for big reds - around 17°C.
With its clean fruit flavours you can happily quaff this on its own but the fine acid and tannin structure will really suit food, and its unoaked simplicity makes it compatible with most dishes. That said, the herbal scents in this will really complement herbs in the food.
Pair it with herby roasts, stuffed red peppers (echoing another flavour of the wine), or stews based around well-herbed tomato sauces. This is a great wine for barbeques (especially kebabs) or, in recognition of its South American origins, a good chilli.

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AppellationTupungato - Valle de Uco
Cabernet Franc
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Bodega Atamisque
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