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Castello di Neive, Piemonte Grignolino

Castello di Neive, Piemonte Grignolino

At the pips, it will be summertime... precisely

pip… pip… pip… pip… pip… sluurp!
Summer’s here at last, and this is the most summery red we’ve ever tasted.  It’s made from the rare Grignolino grape, whose name means “little pippy one” in the local dialect.  Grignolino’s small berries are indeed full of pips… although that probably doesn’t justify our dreadful pun.
Serve this delightfully pale and crisp red at a cool, cellar temperature - 12°C or 13°C.
It may look like a rosé, but this is a proper red that needs food.  Try it with salads and cold or cured meats, or even a flavourful fish like salmon or tuna.  In the garden, ideally!

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Serve this delightfully pale and crisp red at a cool, cellar temperature - 12°C or 13°C.  Leaving the pouch in the fridge for between five and ten minutes should do it.
Bone dry, high acidity, appetising lick of tannin… sounds like a food wine to me.  You can enjoy this on its own - especially in the garden with the sun shining - but it will be much better with food.  And you don’t have to come inside to do it; summer lunchtime and picnic dishes are exactly where this wine shines.
The sharpness and pungency of salad dressings overpower most wines, but this one matches their acidity and its straightforward charms are not easily overwhelmed.  The delicious but usually wine-hostile flavours of Salade Niçoise find their match here, and the pairing is even historically justifiable: the Grinolino-loving King of Savoia’s domain extended all the way to Nice.
Being a red, it also suits cold and cured meats; in Piemonte it’s the preferred choice with the local salami.  This is another wine that likes herbs; try it with rosemary and garlic pizza bread, and sharp marinated olives.

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AppellationPiemonte Grignolino
Castello di Neive
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