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Te Awa Winery
Founded by Gus and Mel Lawson in 1992, Te Awa is one of the oldest wineries in the sought-after Gimblett Gravels sub-region of Hawke’s Bay.  The Gravels are uniquely well-suited to reds so initial production focused on red Bordeaux varieties, with a little Chardonnay.
Te Awa was bought in 2002 by American hedge-fund manager and wine lover Julian Robertson, who expanded the range.  In 2007 Te Awa started a joint project with another Robertson-owned winery, Dry River (Martinborough), to produce premium wines under the Kidnapper Cliffs label.  In 2009 winemaker Ant Mackenzie joined to oversee the project, and remains at Te Awa to this day.
In 2012 Robertson sold Te Awa to NZ wine giant Villa Maria, who owned adjacent land in the Gimblett Gravels.  Ant and long-standing viticulturalist John van der Linden stayed on, being joined by Villa Maria winemaker Richard Painter.  The winery is being enlarged to become the centre of Villa Maria’s Hawke’s Bay operations.
Te Awa produce three ranges of wines: the very high-end and built to age Kidnapper Cliffs, Te Awa Single Estate for classic Gimblett styles, and the more experimental and fruit-driven Left Field, which includes some wines made with fruit from outside the estate.

Decanting Club wines made by: Te Awa Winery

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