Vinarija Kozlović wine producer

Vinarija Kozlović
A family-owned winery founded in 1904, Vinarija Kozlović is based in West Istria, where most of the foremost producers in Croatia are to be found.  The business grew up around the Valle vineyard which lies in front of the winery itself, but has grown to encompass the famed Santa Lucia vineyard close to the nearby town of Buje.
Kozlović is best known for its Malvazija whites but also produces a range of Muscats and a Sauvignon Blanc.  Reds and rosés come from the local Teran and blends of Teran with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
The winery is run by Gianfranco and Antonella Kozlovic and they currently cultivate 17 hectares of vineyards.  Gianfranco is a perfectionist and is constantly striving for ways to improve his wines, combining both hands-on and high-tech approaches.  The vineyards are worked by hand and all the grapes are hand-harvested, while the landmark new winery built in 2012 is the most technologically advanced in the region.

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