Teran wine grape

A black variety found in the northeast corner of the Adriatic Sea, largely in Istria.  Despite that narrow geographic range it spans three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.  The Italians call it Terrano; the Slovenes call it Refošk.
Confusingly, the Istrians also have Refošk in their vineyards and claim that it is different from Teran.  Even more confusingly, the Slovenians have registered the PDO Kras Teran for Refošk grown on terra rossa  soil next to the Italian border, which has been a cause of dispute with the Croatian Istrians.
Whether Teran is different from Refošk is still unclear, but both have been proved by DNA testing to be distinct from the similar and much better known Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso of neighbouring Friuli, Italy.
Teran is hard to ripen, and if unripe has hard green tannins and mouth-puckeringly high acidity.  High acid and tannin levels are still a feature even of fully ripe grapes.  Its dark wines are notably herby, with black fruit flavours, earth and iron minerality, and a peppery bite.

Decanting Club wines containing: Teran

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