Agiorgitiko wine grape

The intensely fruity and spicy Agiorgitiko (“St. George's grape”) is the most planted red wine variety in Greece.  It originated in the Neméan hills in the Peloponnese and is by far the dominant grape there.  Wines labelled with the PDO Neméa must be made entirely from Agiorgitiko.  An adaptable grape, it makes wine in a variety of styles from fresh, fruity rosés through Beaujolais-style quaffers (often made by carbonic maceration to soften its tannins) to seriously ageworthy oaked reds.
Agiorgitiko has fairly large berries (almost twice the size of Syrah ones) whose relatively thin skins make it vulnerable to rot.  Despite that, the high levels of phenolic compounds in those skins produce deeply coloured wine with high tannin levels.  Its tannins are notably soft and velvety so even those of its wines designed for long aging are remarkably approachable in their youth.

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