Xynisteri wine grape

The pale-skinned, late-ripening Xynisteri is native to Cyprus and is the island’s most-planted white grape, producing a range of styles from light and lemony, through serious and minerally, all the way to the famous sweet wine Commandaria made from sun-dried grapes.
Its name means “low acid”, and when planted in the heat of the island’s lower slopes the name is accurate.  The solution has been to pick early to preserve some acidity, resulting in light, low-alcohol quaffers for early drinking.
However, when planted at sufficiently high altitude the grapes can ripen properly while retaining their acidity, producing much more serious wines with citrus and tropical fruit aromas allied to stony intensity.  This style can keep well, especially if barrel-aged to add spicy complexity.

Decanting Club wines containing: Xynisteri

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