Malvazija Istarska wine grape

Malvazija Istarska
Malvasia isn’t a single grape, but a whole family of them.  There are around thirty varieties scattered across the Mediterranean and out to the Canaries and Madeira.  Most are white, though deeply-coloured; a few are even red.  Many of the best known Malvasia wines are made sweet, and often fortified, like Malmsey Madeira.
But the variety native to the Istrian peninsula is best known for producing dry white wine, and is the best-regarded member of the family for that style.  Since most of Istria is today part of Croatia, we’ve used the Croatian name for it.  It’s also grown in the northern, Slovenian part of Istria, where it’s called Istrska Malvazija, and in the nearby Friuli region of Italy, as Malvasia Istriana.
It’s the dominant grape of Istria and the north Dalmation coast to the south of it, making it the second most planted variety in Croatia.  Most of the few exported Croatian wines are made from it.
Its wines tend to be deeply coloured and aromatic, medium- to full-bodied, with flavours of nuts, peach and apricot.  Most is made unoaked and fresh, for early drinking, but there is also a stronger, oak-aged style that can keep well.

Decanting Club wines containing: Malvazija Istarska

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