Koshu wine grape

Japan’s signature grape, Koshu is believed to have originated in Asia Minor around a thousand years ago, and travelled to Japan via the Silk Road.  It was originally a table grape for eating, and it still is, but when winemaking started in Japan in the 1870s it quickly became the dominant wine variety.
A pink-skinned variety, like the red grapes in supermarkets, it’s not nearly dark enough to produce red wine, or even rosé.  Those pale skins are thick, however, which helps it to resist fungal diseases in Japan’s humid summers but can result in bitterness in the wine if not carefully handled.
Recent DNA analysis has revealed it’s actually a hybrid with some Asian vine, although over 90% of its genome is vitis vinifera, the European grape vine.
Its wines are pale and light-bodied, with delicate citrus and stone fruit flavours that have been likened to Muscadet.

Decanting Club wines containing: Koshu

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