Our unique wine pouches
Every Monday, we decant this week’s chosen wine into our unique pouches and send them out to you in the post.
Why decant into pouches?
We’d like get our chosen wines to you every week as conveniently as possible, and allow you to sample them a glass at a time. So we’ve designed and tested food-grade, extremely strong pouches, to make that a reality.
What are they made of?
The pouches are made from polyethylene which is very strong, and does not affect the wine stored inside in any way.
Doesn’t the wine oxidise?
Yes, there is some air contact with the wine when we decant from the bottles into the pouches. We have found that it often actually improves the wines we are choosing for you, smoothing off the rough edges of some young wines and increasing the complexity in the aromas and flavours.
How should I store them?
White wine should be placed in the fridge as soon as you can, red wine should be stored somewhere cool and dark. The accompanying postcard in the envelope will give a suggested serving temperature.
How long does the wine last?
As a weekly club, we intend for the wine to be drunk that same week. However, we have extensively tested over time and found our wines to still be excellent into the second week. After that we cannot guarantee the quality, so drink up and enjoy!


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