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Kozlovic Santa Lucia

Kozlovic Santa Lucia

a white sure of its place - if not its nationality

This wine is from Istria, the axe-shaped peninsula slicing into the north-east end of the Adriatic Sea.  Istria has a lot of history: over the last hundred years it has been part of Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia and, today, Croatia.
The wine has no such identity problem!  It’s big, rich and distinctive, and is the benchmark example of Istria’s trademark grape.
Serve cool, but not very - 12°C to 14°C.
Pair with Mediterranean fish and seafood dishes, especially squid or scallops.  Its big flavours will stand up to roast white meats, mushroom dishes and even prosciutto.  Perfect seasonal pairing: asparagus and mushroom pasta with plenty of olive oil.

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Kozlović say on their website that “this wine is not to be served at the temperature lower than 12°C, and the bottle needs to be opened half an hour before consumation in order to get the full Santa Lucia experience”.  I think they mean ‘consumption’ but, hey, how you enjoy it is up to you.  Besides, we’ve already done that bit for you.  The opening in advance, that is, not the… er… ahem…
Anyway, they’re right about the temperature; this works best when only just cool - 12°C to 14°C - a little bit warmer than last week’s red, even.  Five minutes in the fridge should do it, or if the pouch has been in the fridge since it arrived, fifteen minutes out of it.  If the scent seems very sharp, and you don’t get the orange peel or wheatgerm, it’s probably too cold.
Istrian cuisine is very similar to that of nearby Italy: pasta, olive oil, seasonal vegetables, fish and seafood (it’s a peninsula, after all).  The area is famed for its extra virgin olive oil, whose taste is echoed beautifully by this wine’s mouthfilling weight and peppery finish.
Istrian Malvazija comes in two styles: fresh and fruity with moderate alcohol for drinking young, especially with the local fish and seafood dishes; and a stronger oak-aged style more suited to poultry and white meats, mushroom dishes (Istrians are enthusiastic collectors of wild mushrooms and truffles) or even the excellent local prosciutto.
This wine straddles both camps and would work with all of those, though it’s rather too full-flavoured for oysters or really delicate fish dishes.  Try the bolder flavours of local specialities like squid stew, pasta with scallops, or sea bream roasted on a bed of potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes.
Malvazija is also the wine of choice for the vast range of asparagus dishes Istrians prepare when the wild asparagus is in season.  Asparagus is quite a tricky flavour for wine but Malvazija seems to have the knack.  Since it is asparagus season right now, a perfect pairing for this wine would be asparagus and mushroom pasta with plenty of olive oil, or the same in a risotto.

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AppellationWest Istria
Malvazija Istarska
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Vinarija Kozlović
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