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Costanza di Mineo, Cor Leon, Petit Verdot

Costanza di Mineo, Cor Leon, Petit Verdot

a big red from the small green in the big blue

The “small green” is Petit Verdot, a black grape that got its name because it’s so hard to ripen.  The “big blue” is the Mediterranean surrounding the island of Sicily where this rare Bordeaux variety has found a new home.  And the big red?  You guessed it…
Serve this red at cool room temperature - 18°C.
This is a big beast that needs food.  Pair with roast red meats, especially with rich sauces, or from a barbecue if the weather obliges.  Or try Italian dishes featuring bold flavours like garlic, capers, olives and fresh basil.

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Serve this fullbodied, oaked red at cool room temperature - 18°C.
The firm tannins mean this rather needs food, while the big flavours in the glass will withstand similarly strong flavours on the plate.  Food tames the feral nature of this wine, making it smell and taste considerably less unusual!
Its Bordeaux heritage helps it to pair well with roast red meats like lamb or beef, especially in richer sauces, while its weight of sweet fruit will suit barbecues and roast duck.
It’s also very compatible with highly-flavoured Italian food. It went beautifully with a garlicky tomato, capers, olives, peppers and fresh basil pasta recipe from its native Sicily.  Fresh basil is actually quite a tricky flavour for wine - especially red wine - but the herbiness and pungency of this red work well.
Avoid delicately-flavoured dishes - this wine will stomp all over them.  Be careful with chilli, as the wine’s tannin and alcohol will emphasize the heat.

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AppellationTerre Siciliane
Calatrasi Mediterranean Domains
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