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Details for Grace, Koshu, Private Reserve



Landlocked Yamanashi prefecture lies southwest of Tokyo, and encompasses some of Japan's tallest mountains, including the northern half of the tallest, Mount Fuji.  As well being one of the highest areas in Japan it’s also the dryest, owing to the rain shadow of the mighty volcano.
The combination of high altitude and low-ish rainfall make this the most suitable region of Japan for grape-growing, and around half of all Japanese wine is produced here.  Grapes have been grown here for more than a thousand years, but winemaking began only in the 1870s with the adoption of Western culture during the Meiji Restoration.

Grace Wine

Grace Wine is the trading name of Chuo Budoshu, a 4th-generation family-owned winery in Yamanashi Prefecture, home to most of Japan’s vineyards.  Established in 1923 by Chotaro Misawa, the winery is today run by his great-grandson Shikegazu Misawa.  His daughter Ayana is the winemaker, having trained in Bordeaux and Stellenbosch.
They are champions of Japan’s indigenous Koshu grape, and pioneers in growing vines using Vertical Shoot Positioning training methods to reduce yields and increase concentration, rather than on the traditional high pergolas that are better suited to table grapes.
Best known for their range of Koshu whites, they also produce Bordeaux blend reds and rosés, as well as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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