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Grace, Koshu, Private Reserve

Grace, Koshu, Private Reserve

from the land of the rising grape

Forget sake, this is real Japanese wine - from a grape grown in the foothills of Mount Fuji for a thousand years.
Serve quite well-chilled - 9°C or 10°C.
Crisp, dry and refreshing, this is perfect with subtly-flavoured Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi. Alternatively it’s wonderful with simple snacks - Japanese rice crackers maybe? - or just on its own.

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Serve this quite well-chilled to emphasise its freshness - 9°C or 10°C.
You could easily sip this on its own, especially on a sunny day.  But its subtle flavours, crisp acidity and moderate alcohol mean it will pair well with almost any food.
It comes into its own with suble flavours that might be overwhelmed by a more powerful wine.  Just like the Muscadet it closely resembles, this is an ideal match for plain white fish or shellfish, especially oysters.  Light rice and vegetable dishes would work well too, such as spring vegetable risotto.
But this is a Japanese wine crafted with Japanese cuisine in mind: it would be a shame not to take advantage of that.  The most perfect pairing for this wine would be sashimi, the slivers of raw fish that are such a Japanese delicacy, but that’s a difficult dish to create at home! Instead try it with tempura or, especially, sushi.

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