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Alvaro Castro, Outeiro, Dão

Alvaro Castro, Outeiro, Dão

unfairly unhip - we rediscover Dão

Big in the ’70s, yet hard to find today.  Has Dão stood the test of time better than beige flares and Ford Cortinas?  We find out by tasting one from a small producer regarded as probably the best in the region.
Serve this full-flavoured but fresh red at cool room temperature - 16°C to 18°C.
Made for food, try this with garlicky meat dishes, especially pork.  Chorizo sausage (the Portuguese version is called chouriço) would be perfect.  Or nibble on Manchego cheese and salted almonds.

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Serve this fresh but full-flavoured red at cool room temperature - 16°C to 18°C.
This is most definitely a food wine, and a particularly versatile one.  The moderate alcohol, restrained tannin, fresh acidity and lack of obvious oak mean it will pair well with just about any red-wine dish.
Portuguese food would be particularly appropriate.  Garlicky meat dishes, especially pork, feature a lot and would suit this wine very well.  Chouriço sausage would be perfect; fortunately it’s practically identical to Spain’s chorizo which is much easier to find here in the UK.
Chouriço is a main ingredient in Cozido, a stew of different meats and vegetables with olive oil and red wine, served with rice.  Cozido originated in the Dão region and has become one of the Portuguese national dishes.
I don’t often mention cheese in these pairing notes, because most cheeses (especially the stronger, sharper ones) don’t suit dry red wine very well.  But there are exceptions, and Manchego is the most red-wine-friendly of them all.  There’s probably a Portuguese equivalent, but once again, you’re much more likely to be able to find the Spanish version.
So if you just want to drink this with a few nibbles, go tapas-style with cubes of Manchego, salted almonds, olives, and chorizo.

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Touriga Nacional
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Mencía / Jaen
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Tempranillo / Tinta Roriz
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Alvaro Castro
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