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Leiras Albariño

Leiras Albariño

green Galicia's golden grape

From the cool and verdant valleys of Spain’s Atlantic coast comes this intensely aromatic wine, made from the golden-skinned Albariño grape. Acclaimed as Spain’s best white, can Albariño woo the world away from Sauvignon Blanc?
Serve this crisp but full-flavoured white quite well-chilled, but not glass-foggingly so - about 10°C.
It’s famed as a fish wine, but this one will stand up to strong and sharp flavours like capers, olives, onions, smoked fish and vinaigrette dressings. So try it with a seafood salad, like a Niçoise. Asian and Indian cuisine will work well, too. Or go properly Spanish and nibble on tapas.

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Serve this crisp but full-flavoured white quite well-chilled, but not glass-foggingly so - about 10°C.
Rías Baixas means “lower inlets”, and these rather fjord-like estuaries are some of the richest fishing grounds on earth.  Consequently western Galicia is famed for its fish and seafood, and Albariño is the wine to drink with them.  However, this one is particularly full-flavoured, so I would avoid the most delicate dishes - plain white fish or oysters - which need a more neutral wine.
Classic Galician shellfish dishes like Almejas a la Marinera (clams fisherman style) or Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician octopus) would be perfect but are hard to reproduce here - even in the region there are whole restaurants dedicated to the latter dish.  But both feature olive oil, paprika and parsley, suggesting the sort of flavours to aim for.
The pungency and acidity of this wine allows it to stand up to strong and sharp flavours, including garlic, chilli, capers, olives, leeks/onions, smoked fish, tomatoes and vinaigrette dressings.  Salade Niçoise features a lot of those and would work really well with this wine.  A seafood paella might be even better, and would keep things more Spanish.
Going further afield, Asian or Indian cuisine would be a good match, and has the handy benefit of being something you can get delivered instead of having to cook it!  Try a mild curry, or spicy prawns.
If you just want some nibbles, tapas will (of course) fit the bill nicely and can be as simple as you like: olives and salted almonds, say.

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AppellationRias Baixas
Albariño / Alvarinho
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Grupo Codorníu
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