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Accademia del Sole, Nero d'Avola

Accademia del Sole, Nero d'Avola

a dark Sicilian makes you an offer you can’t refuse

The Mafia call themselves Cosa Nostra, which means “Our Thing” in Sicilian.  They may be Cosa Nostra, but the Nero d’Avola is definitely Uva Nostra - “Our Grape”.  Native to Sicily, it’s the most-planted black variety on the island.
Its wines are as black as its name but, unlike the Cosa Nostra, their exuberantly fruity character is very easy to like and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg… or indeed any other body parts.  Let this one make you an offer you won’t want to refuse!
Serve this fruit-forward red at cool room temperature - 17°C.
Pair with any Italian food that calls for a red, especially meaty or mushroomy pasta dishes.  This will also make a fine barbecue wine if the weather holds.

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Although quite full-bodied, this unoaked and very fruity red will benefit from being served just a bit cooler than room temperature, especially during these hot summer months: 16°C to 17°C is ideal. Pop the pouch in the fridge for just under one minute before pouring.
Smooth and fruit-forward, this drinks really well on its own or with a few salty nibbles.
But it’s crying out for classic Italian comfort food: a big plate of meaty or mushroomy pasta with plenty of parmesan, and garlic bread on the side.  Just avoid dishes with too much acidity - let those tomatoes slow-cook until they’re really sweet and mellow, or leave them out altogether.
This will also make a great barbecue wine.  Fingers crossed that this glorious weather continues into next week!

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AppellationTerre Siciliane
Nero d'Avola / Calabrese
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Calatrasi Mediterranean Domains
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