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Kyperounda Petritis

Kyperounda Petritis

hitting the heights - Cyprus's best white

Appropriately enough for a wine made from Dr. Evil’s favourite grape, the sinister-sounding “Xynisteri”, this comes from a proper mountain lair: the highest winery in Europe, perched 1140m up in Cyprus’s Troodos range.  Steely and intense, this high-altitude wine is also highly prized; it’s acknowledged to be the island’s best white.
This rather resembles a fine chardonnay and so shouldn’t be served too cold - 11°C to 12°C.
Pair with fish and shellfish, especially in creamy sauces.  White meats in similar sauces will also work well.  Or Mediterranean salads, provided they’re not too pungently flavoured.  This is a food wine, but salty nibbles will bring out the flavours just fine.
And remember to curl your little finger to the corner of your mouth…

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Like a Chablis, this should be served cool but not too cold - 10°C to 12°C.
This is very much a food wine.  It will be perfect with fish, just like the cool-climate chardonnays it resembles.  The subtle oak treatment and lees-aging give it extra weight and texture that make it a particularly good match for creamy or buttery sauces, whether on fish, shellfish (especially lobster and crab) or even white meats.
It would also suit Mediterranean-style salads, but it doesn’t have the pungent flavours that would stand up to similar flavours in the dish, so do keep things subtle.
While this wine is definitely better with some food, you don’t need to go overboard.  Some salty nibbles will bring out the flavours just fine.  Do steer clear of artificial flavours, though - salt-and-vinegar, cheese-and-onion or sweet-chilli will overpower any wine.  The salted almonds we usually recommend work well.

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AppellationPGI Limassol
Kyperounda Winery
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