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Te Awa, Left Field, Malbec

Te Awa, Left Field, Malbec

it's red, Jim, but not where we'd expect it

From right out of left field comes this Malbec: not from the grape’s stronghold in Argentina, nor from its ancestral home in south-west France, but from the other side of the planet.  Boldly going where no Malbec has gone before, this is a rare example of a New Zealand red that isn’t Pinot Noir.
Serve this juicy and fruity red just a little cooler than room temperature - 16°C to 17°C
Unoaked and fruit-forward, this will suit almost any dish that calls for a red.  It’s ideal with a steak, but would also suit hearty vegetable dishes, especially aubergine.  If the weather obliges, this is perfect barbecue wine.

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Although this red has big flavours, its unoaked, juicy fruit character will benefit from being served just slightly chilled - 15°C to 17°C.
Actually this wine is so well balanced that you could easily enjoy it on its own.  Its moderate acidity and skillfully tamed tannins don’t require food to soften them.  On the other hand, it will suit almost any dish that requires a red, and it would be a shame to miss out on Malbec’s marvellous affinity with meat.
This wine is in its element with steaks and other lean meat dishes where the emphasis is on the meat rather than the sauce.  Hearty vegetable dishes will work too, especially those featuring aubergine or mushrooms.
Malbec loves often-hard-to-match umami flavours like those found in cooked mushrooms and hard or semi-hard cheeses.  Just be wary of dishes that are very sharp or significantly sweet - the wine doesn’t have enough of either to withstand them. No balsamic!
But if the weather obliges, then the solution is simple.  This is a nigh-on perfect barbecue wine; take your pouch out into the back garden and enjoy!

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CountryNew Zealand
AppellationHawke's Bay
Te Awa Winery
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