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Fontana Candida, Frascati Superiore, Vigneto Santa Teresa

Fontana Candida, Frascati Superiore, Vigneto Santa Teresa

Rome's famous yet forgotten Frascati

Famous?  You’ve all heard of it - Rome’s local white, from hills just outside the city.  The wine you drank on your first visit to an Italian restaurant.  Forgotten?  Try finding one on your supermarket shelf.  (Hint: bottom shelf, just the one, £5 or less.)
We find out what made it famous in the first place, with the finest example currently available in the UK.
Serve cool but not too cold - 11°C to 13°C - or the delicate nose will disappear.
You can enjoy this supremely versatile white on its own, or pair it with just about anything, from fish to grilled vegetables to white meats.  Try it with old-school Italian antipasti like prosciutto e melone.

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Like other full-bodied but not very aromatic whites, this shouldn’t be served too cold otherwise the nose will be muted and the subtle flavours will be lost.  Give the pouch eight minutes out of the fridge on a chopping board, or a couple of minutes less if it’s a really hot day.
This is a magnificently versatile food wine.  Chameleon-like, it seems to change to suit whatever you happen to be eating.  It has the weight to cope with cold meats as well as the more usual white wine fare of fish and salads.  Yet it also has the balance to enjoy on its own.
This is Rome’s white, so Italian (and especially Roman) food seems most appropriate.  Try it with simple Roman pasta dishes: alla carbonaraalla vongolecacio e pepe  (with pecorino and black pepper), or con i broccoli  (you guessed - but best with romanesco).
Antipasti might be even better: artichokes either alla romana  or alla giudea,  roasted vegetables, fiori di zucca  or, the perfect retro pairing for this old-school white, prosciutto e melone.

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AppellationFrascati Superiore
Malvasia di Candia
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Trebbiano Toscano
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Malvasia del Lazio
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Fontana Candida
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