Casa Vinicola Botter wine producer

Casa Vinicola Botter
Founded by Carlo Botter in 1928 and still family-owned, this is one of the Veneto’s biggest wineries.  They have expanded beyond their home region to produce wines from neighbouring Friuli, and also from a variety of southern Italian regions: Puglia, Abruzzo, Campania, Sicily and Sardinia.
Carlo began the business by selling wine in cask and demijohn to local restaurants and small shops.  Only in the Fifties did his sons Enzo and Arnaldo begin to sell wine in bottles and to pursue export markets.  In the Eighties the company portfolio expanded to include wine produced in other Italian regions, especially Puglia.  Most of these were destined for export, under a variety of different brand names.
Today 98% of their production is exported, mostly to the UK, US, Denmark, Canada and Germany. Third-generation Annalisa Botter heads the business, while her brother Alessandro is chief winemaker and has revitalised the family vineyards around Motta di Livenza to produce high quality wines under the Là di Motte label.

Decanting Club wines made by: Casa Vinicola Botter

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