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Passori Rosso

Passori Rosso

a deep red that is deep undercover

This is a wine in heavy disguise.  Its name hints at a Ripasso, but it isn’t.  It tastes like an Amarone, but it isn’t one of those either.  And it’s made by a noted producer, whose name isn’t on the label.  The mystery may be deep, but the wine is deeper still…
Serve this big rich wine at room temperature - 18°C.
You could try this with rich, slow-cooked meat dishes, but they’d need some sweetness in the sauce.  This is more of an after-dinner wine - Italians would call it a vino di meditazione.  Nibble on salted nuts, or even dark chocolate.

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This is a big rich red that wants to be served at proper room temperature.  Botter himself suggests 18-20°C, but I’d stick to 18°C.
Amarone - which this very nearly is - is rather a difficult wine to match with food.  The lowish acidity and slight sweetness can make the wine taste dull and cloying if paired with food with more acidity and less sweetness than itself.  Acidity in the food can also make those intense and slightly bitter flavours turn metallic.  Avoid tomatoes!
It will work with rich meat dishes, especially ones with some sweetness in them.  Ossobuco is a classic match, though you need to use the older in bianco recipe rather than the modern variants with tomatoes.  Other rich casserole dishes will work too, especially those featuring red wine and chestnuts.
Some risottos also fit the bill.  Pumpkin risotto has the necessary sweetness, while Risotto all'Amarone is perhaps the perfect dish.  Unfortunately it requires almost as much Amarone-style red in the dish per person as you have in the pouch, so it’s one to try after you’ve bought a bottle.
But you really don’t need any food with this wine.  Italians would call it a vino di meditazione, a wine for sipping contemplatively after a meal, perhaps while nibbling on nuts or well-aged hard cheese.  It works brilliantly with our usual recommendation of salted almonds.  If you fancy something sweeter, dark chocolate is a surprisingly good - and deliciously decadent - match.

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AppellationIGT Veneto
Casa Vinicola Botter
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