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Kozlovic Teran

Kozlovic Teran

Istria revisited - we return for the red

Back in May we featured a wonderful white from Croatian Istria - Kozlović Santa Lucia - which was made from Istria’s signature white grape.  This week we return to Istria, and to Kozlović, to taste a red made from the region’s signature black grape - the fearsome Teran.
Serve this fresh and food-friendly red a little cooler than room temperature - 16°C.
Bring on the well-herbed meat, especially lamb or game!  Meaty or tomatoey pasta dishes will work well too, including spicy ones like Arrabiata.
For nibbles, try cured meat antipasti like prosciutto and cheese.  Or those salted almonds we always suggest!

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Being fresh, fruity, medium-bodied and effectively unoaked, this wine will benefit from being served just a little cooler than room temperature - 16°C to 17°C.
Like the red Bordeaux it resembles, this will suit traditional meat dishes like roast lamb with herbs, or game birds like pheasant.  Less formally, it will pair well with pasta dishes featuring meat, herbs and tomatoes.  Istrian cuisine is very Italian and features lots of pasta, so try this wine with lasagna, bolognese, puttanesca or game ragu.
The wine’s moderate alcohol and tannin levels combined with its fresh, assertive flavours make it a good match for spicy dishes like pasta all’Arrabiata, or even a chilli.
For less substantial fare, turn to antipasti featuring cured meats like spicy sausage or, a particular Istrian favourite, prosciutto with cheese, olives and chunky fresh bread.

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AppellationWest Istria
Vinarija Kozlović
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