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Losada Crianza, Bierzo

Losada Crianza, Bierzo

mighty, meaty, minerally... Mencía!

A wine filled with earth, blood, roses and smoked meat - we can only be in Spain.  It’s a Bierzo, unusual among Spanish reds in being made from a single variety: the floral, fresh and minerally Mencía.  This one is from old vines and has deeper, darker fruit and more punch than most.
Serve at cool room temperature: 17°C.
Chuck some meat on the barbecue for this one, especially pork chops or ribs.  If just nibbling, try a rough paté on toast or go tapas-style with jamón ibérico (cured ham) and cubes of manchego cheese.

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Like Beaujolais, Bierzo often benefits from being lightly chilled, but this unusually full-throttle example works best only just below room temperature - around 17°C.
This has food written all over it, although if you don’t want to go the whole hog (which would work brilliantly but is somewhat impractical) then our usual nibbles suggestion of salted almonds and olives would be fine (and properly Iberian).
Alternatively, try some rough country paté on toast.  Even better would be cubes of Manchego cheese and jamón ibérico  - or indeed any charcuterie.  The smoked meat flavours in this wine are begging for something similar on the plate.
For a more substantial meal try the local speciality caldo gallego  a chunky soup based on cabbage (or other greens), white beans and potato, with pork ribs and/or chorizo.  Earthy stews based on root vegetables and beans would work too, especially if flavoured with rosemary to echo that scent in the wine.

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Castilla y León
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Mencía / Jaen
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Losada Vinos de Finca
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