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Mother Rock, Force Majeure, Rosé

Mother Rock, Force Majeure, Rosé

a natural blonde? no, a natural pink!

Like organic turned up to 11, ‘natural’ wine avoids the chemical treatments and additives that even organic wine allows.  Chief among these is sulphur dioxide, which is used throughout the winemaking process to combat bacterial spoilage and oxidation.
This rosé is the most natural wine we’ve ever featured, made from organic grapes with no additives save yeast and a little SO2 just before bottling.  Its grape variety is also the natural choice for a pink: the fruity and feminine Cinsault, which is almost never seen on its own except as a rosé. Its collar matches its cuffs; this is a thoroughly natural pink.
Serve this crisp, dry and fruity wine quite cool but not as cold as most rosés – 9°C or 10°C.
A natural wine, so drink it “au naturel”: on its own outside in the sunshine, while wearing as little as the weather will allow!

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There are two things this rosé has in common with other natural wines I’ve tried.  It likes air, and it doesn’t like to be too cold.  Many natural wines smell quite weird when first opened.  I have some bottles of a red that smells like rotting cabbage; you’d pour it away rather than drink it.  Yet half a day in a decanter and the stink vanishes completely, to be replaced by sweet red fruit – it’s a lovely wine.
This wine isn’t nearly so extreme but its sweet fruit is initially masked by some austere reductive aromas, which are emphasised if it is served cold.  So pour your pouch straight from the fridge, then leave the glass to warm up and get some air for 8 to 10 minutes.  If you have a bottle you should decant it a few hours before drinking.
Most rosés need sunshine rather more than they need food, and this is no exception.  That said, this is a dry and relatively serious sort of rosé in the food-friendly, Provençal style.  (As an aside, most Provençal rosés are also based on Cinsault, though often blended with some Grenache or Mourvedre.)
Summery salads are a particularly appropriate pairing, especially those featuring goat’s cheese or feta, or even white meats like grilled chicken.  Actually, this might be the perfect one-size-fits-all barbecue party wine.  It doesn’t matter whether you go for the grilled prawns, veggie kebabs, burgers and sausages, grilled halloumi or just the salads, this wine will work with all of them.

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CountrySouth Africa
Mother Rock Wines
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