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Gaia, 'S'

Gaia, 'S'

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SuperNemean!

The SuperTuscans transformed Italian wine 40 years ago.  Blends of Bordeaux black grapes with Tuscany’s native Sangiovese, they had to be labelled as basic Vini di Tavola but rapidly became the most sought-after and expensive reds in Italy.
This Greek red is a SuperNemean: a blend of Neméa’s native Agiorgitiko with french Syrah.  It even wears the ‘S’ monogram on its chest!
Serve this full-throttle oaked red at cool room temperature: 18°C.
Pair this big beast with other big beasts: beef, venison and the like.  At the very least, you need some salty nibbles – this is definitely a food wine.

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Big oaked reds should normally be served at the full 18°C – cool room temperature – and this is no exception.
This is so well-balanced that you could drink it on its own, but it would be shame to miss out on its obvious suitability for food.  It’s crying out for roast red meats and spicy stews.  Moussaka or Stifado (game stew with pearl onions, red wine and cinnamon) would be an excellent pairing, and properly Greek.
For a lighter option, nibble on mezze.  Even something as simple as pita bread with hummus and olives will work.

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AppellationPeloponnisos PGI
Syrah / Shiraz
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