How to taste wine
When you are getting a single glass of wine, you really need to appreciate it fully so here's a very brief guide to making the most of your weekly wine.
1. Choose a glass that will hold the whole pouchful and still leave you plenty of room for swirling and scent-collecting.
2. Pour the whole pouch in, and then hold the glass up to the light to really appreciate the colour of the wine.
3. Swirl the wine in the glass and then put your nose in as far as you can and inhale deeply. If you can't smell much, make sure it isn't too cold (warm in the hand for a while) and then try again.
Why is this so important? Because what we smell greatly affects what we taste. Our noses are much more sensitive than tongues when it comes to identifying subtle differences. We can only recognise 5 basic tastes, but thousands of different aromas. So before every sip of wine you should always try and inhale as much as of the wine aromas as possible - they will change as the wine warms up and oxidises in the glass.
4. Take a generous mouthful and make sure the wine travels over all over your tongue. Many people think you should just sip, but the flavours are lost if you can't coat your tongue entirely in the liquid. Savour it in the mouth as long as is comfortable, then swallow. Remember to wait for the after-taste which is prominent on some wines, less so on others.
Repeat as necessary! 


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