Channing Daughters wine producer

Channing Daughters
New York venture capitalist and noted sculptor Walter Channing planted chardonnay vines in an old potato patch on his estate in the Hamptons (the South Fork of Long Island’s east end) in 1982, producing his first wine (19 cases, shared with friends) five years later.  By the mid-Nineties his hobby had grown into a commercial winery, named after his four daughters.
Today it is one of just three noted producers in the Hamptons, with 28 acres of vines.  These are supplemented by an equal quantity of grapes bought in from selected vineyards in the more agricultural North Fork, home to most of Long Island’s vines and wineries.
The estate has a reputation for experimentation, producing around 35 different wines from more than two dozen grape varieties.  Six different dry rosés are made, along with a range of orange wines - whites fermented on the skins, leading to noticeable tannin levels.

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