Adalia Azienda Agricola wine producer

Adalia Azienda Agricola
Adalia is the second label of revered Veronese winemaker Marinella Camerani.  Her first label is the famous Corte Sant’Alda, which she started in 1986 following a drastic change in lifestyle.
The previous year she had left her job as accountant in her family’s battery factory and moved to her family's country house, 13 kilometres northeast of Verona, to become a farmer and live off the land.  The five hectare estate had a small, neglected vineyard but hadn’t produced wine seriously before, so she taught herself winemaking from books and by experimentation.  This included a couple of trips to Piedmont and Bordeaux to see how they did things there.
Her vineyards were organically farmed from the start, and are now biodynamic too.  Persistent work in the vineyard and the winery gradually built a following for her Valpolicella and, especially, Amarone.  Her star rose, and in 2008 the Italian food and wine bible Gambero Rosso named her Winemaker of the Year.
That same year she bought a nearby 5 hectare vineyard to produce wine with her daughter Alda Faccio under the Adalia label.  The vineyard lies in the Val de Mazzano where the DOCs of Valpolicella and Soave overlap, allowing them to produce both red Valpolicella and white Soave from their own land.  The Adalia vineyard is organically farmed too, and the estate’s name pays tribute to the ladybird Adalia Bipunctata, whose voracious appetite for aphids and other vine pests is so important if chemical pesticides are to be avoided.

Decanting Club wines made by: Adalia Azienda Agricola

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