Clip do Monte da Vaia wine producer

Clip do Monte da Vaia
Both a wine and a producer, Clip do Monte da Vaia is perhaps the ultimate in boutique producers: a collaboration between two friends in the Young Winemakers of Portugal collective to make a single wine showcasing the Loureiro grape.
The two are Pedro Barbosa, viticulturalist at the famous Douro estate Quinta do Vale Meão, and João Cabral de Almeida, consultant winemaker working with the great Anselmo Mendes of Monção in the Minho.  They wanted to create a single varietal Loureiro from grapes grown on Pedro’s family estate in the Barcelos area of Vinho Verde.
The Young Winemakers of Portugal are half a dozen talented young winemakers (and growers, in Pedro’s case), mostly working at prestigious Portuguese estates, who have joined together to market their own wines under a single banner.

Decanting Club wines made by: Clip do Monte da Vaia

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