Rogue Vine wine producer

Rogue Vine
Rogue Vine is a collaboration between two friends, Leonardo Erazo and Justin Decker.  Both share a passion for terroir and sustainable winegrowing, developed over many years working in vineyards around the world.  Chilean-born Leo is oenologist and viticulturalist at top Mendoza winery Altos las Hormigas, across the Andes in Argentina.
In Chile’s neglected Itata Valley they have found a treasure trove of old bush vine vineyards that have been farmed organically for generations.  Working with the families who own these small plots they produce a handful of wines designed to showcase the qualities of these ancient vines.
Not owning their own vineyards allows them to practise what they call “reverse winemaking”.  They decide what sort of wine they want to make, then go looking for someone who’s already growing the right grapes.

Decanting Club wines made by: Rogue Vine

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