Treixadura / Trajadura wine grape

Treixadura / Trajadura
A white grape from northwest Iberia. Whether it originated on the Spanish side of the border in Galicia or on the Portuguese side in the Minho (where they call it Trajadura) is unknown; both regions lay claim to it.
Despite fighting over it, neither region seems keen to use it unblended. Treixadura produces delicately lemon-scented but full-bodied wine with a tendency to high alcohol levels and, with them, low acidity. This makes it a valuable blending grape in cool and wet Atlantic coastal regions like Rías Baixas and Vinho Verde, where most varieties struggle to ripen and therefore produce very pale wine with searingly high acidity and very low alcohol.
It’s a major component of the Vinho Verde blend but is rather less important in Rías Baixas, where Albariño can achieve good alcohol levels and reasonable body all by itself.  Its stronghold in Galicia is further upriver, in the DOs of Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei, and, especially, Ribeiro where it is the dominant variety.
Even in these regions it is usually blended, often with Godello and Albariño, but varietal wines are starting to appear as producers learn how to ripen it just enough to bring out its citrussy, floral nose while retaining good acidity.

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