Hondarrabi Zuri / Courbu Blanc wine grape

Hondarrabi Zuri / Courbu Blanc
Most Txakoli is white, and most of that is based on Hondarrabi Zuri.  Zuri means “white” in Basque, while Hondarrabia (meaning “sand ford”) is the name of a small town at the mouth of the Bidasoa river which forms the border with France.  Many Basque grapes originated in France and were first grown in Spain around the town of Hondarrabia, thus acquiring its name.
Recent DNA analysis has shown that Hondarrabi Zuri (or, to give it its full name, Hondarrabi Zuri Zalla) is identical to the French variety Courbu Blanc.  There is also a less common Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia, which is the same as the French grape Petit Courbu.  Both produce similar wine: pale and sharp, with lemon and green apple flavours, and scents of flowers and herbs.

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