Out-of-fashion wines
At Decanting Club we love rediscovering wines that were once famous but then dropped out of fashion. Recently we've given you tastes of Muscadet, Dão, Mosel, Vinho Verde and Frascati.
But why have they got into this sorry state? 
Often the reason wines have become unpopular is that ironically, they were once hugely popular. Once that happens, producers are pressured to increase production to meet demand. This often leads to a falling in standards, poorer quality and then the inevitable backlash against the wine.
This doesn't just happen on a particular wine, sometimes it happens to an entire country's output. Australia is a good example: in the 90s growing demand for Australian wines, a grape shortage and soaring grape prices led to growers planting more and more vines. By 2005 Australia produced almost 2m tonnes of wine grapes, a quarter more than the markets could cope with. A drought levelled things out but there was a crash in prices and a perceived drop in quality due to the lower prices.
When a wine falls in popularity, many of the producers will then move onto different wines (whatever is currently rising in popularity). Because of that, export levels fall and the wine gets very hard to find in the UK.
Usually however, there are a few producers left who carry on making a quality product, often for their domestic market only. And then new winemakers will come along and rediscover the wine, bringing it back to the market and breathing new life into it. 
Once that happens, we discover those wines and bring them to you for sampling. Hopefully you'll agree withe us that some of these forgotten wines are definitely worth reappraising.


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