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Bengoetxe, Getariako Txakolina

Bengoetxe, Getariako Txakolina

a bracing Basque beauty

Wine from the Basque Country is called Txakoli (say it “cha-koh-lee”). Production is tiny; there are lots of thirsty Basques; and all those ‘X’s, ‘Z’s and ‘K’s are about as intimidating as a label in Cyrillic – so you usually have to go to Bilbao to drink any.
Like a cross between Muscadet and Vinho Verde with added froth, drinking Txakoli is like diving into the Atlantic surf.  This is a particularly intense and serious example, and luckily isn’t fizzy… so we can put it in our pouches!
Serve this bone-dry, razor-sharp white quite cold: 8°C to 10°C.
Great on its own, this is also a great match for seafood.  Try it with pintxos, the Basque version of tapas.

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Like Muscadet and Vinho Verde, this suits being served quite cold, but not fridge-cold: 8°C to 10°C.  Let the pouch warm for two minutes out of the fridge, or twice that long if you pour it straight into a glass.
This makes a great aperitif, especially in the sunshine.  But it is extremely food-friendly; its combination of high acidity, moderate alcohol and full dryness will go with just about everything except desserts.  It’s particularly well suited to sharp, smoky or spicy flavours that most wines struggle with.
Although quite a powerful wine, its straightforward citrus flavours won’t overpower delicate seafood, though it really comes into its own with more pungent fish like anchovies.  It will also stand up to cheese, especially sheep’s cheese like the Basque Idiazabal, and even Serrano ham.
Try making your own pintxos: cut slices from a thin baguette and skewer slices of fish (especially anchovy) or ham and cheese to them with toothpicks.  I’d use a proper wine glass rather than a tumbler, though, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend pouring the pouch from a height.  Authenticity can be taken too far!

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Basque Country
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AppellationGetariako Txakolina
Hondarrabi Zuri / Courbu Blanc
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Caserío Bengoetxe
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